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Love is a Mystery
What Are We Doing
The Young Wolf
The Ultimate Sacrifice
Dreams Of You
Steel Horse

Joshua Meehan is a composer and singer/songwriter from New York. He has a soft-spot for smaller scale stories that contain large themes and messages. Very much inspired by his songwriting background, Josh likes to score for intimate ensembles that maximize the colors and strengths of the instruments. He records live elements for scores often, especially using his guitar and voice. Musically, he is inspired by folk and rock music traditions that contain timeless melodies and become ingrained into culture. Due to his curious and experimental nature, he still finds himself dabbling with larger orchestral ensembles and electronic based scores when struck by different inspirations. 

Joshua has scored dozens of student films throughout his time at The University of Miami (Prof. Carlos Rafael Rivera - Queen's Gambit) and Columbia College Chicago (Prof. Kubilay Uner - The Trial of Axis Sally, Big Sur) and worked on a few video game projects. Josh had the privilege of learning from incredible mentors throughout his higher education such as Brandon Campbell (A Letter for the King), Vivek Maddala (The Tom and Jerry Show), Miriam Cutler (RBG), and Joel Corelitz (Halo, Death Stranding). He currently resides in Los Angeles where he spent some time interning with composer David Wingo (HBO's Barry, Mayans). Through his time with these mentors Josh has found his sound and style for storytelling. He approaches every collaboration with an unrelenting desire to help convey subtext and show what cannot be seen. In his free time he can be found playing PlayStation or classic Nintendo. 

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